Review: Into It. Over It. – ‘Standards’


Into It. Over It. never ceases to impress me. For those who are familiar with the band, it’s no secret how great of a songwriter Evan Weiss is. Evan is involved in multiple projects, like many songwriters these days. Standards feels like it bring all of those experiences together. I haven’t known about Into It. Over It. very long, but I’ve given all of his work a listen. Proper and his split with Koji have found a home in my record collection. Standards is his third full-length and the maturity in his songwriting shows.

“Closing Argument” is the second song off the album and I feel it may have been a better opener than “Open Casket” just because of the amount of energy it brings to the album. “No EQ” was the single that really caught my attention for this release. As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to hear the full album as soon as I possibly could. The drumming on “No EQ” is outstanding and contributes to how great the song is musically. Another song that caught my attention while listening through was “Bible Black.” As the title suggests, there’s a theme of darkness throughout the song. “Killed the lights in your apartment // day in day out // and sank deep into the carpet where you’ve lost count losing thread over countless years” are some powerful lyrics if you really sit and think about it. This song provides a lot to think about in a beautiful way.

As the album comes to a close with “The Circle Of The Same Ideas,” we get a glimpse of raw talent. The song is just Evan and an acoustic guitar to start, with backing vocals coming in and out. It’s nothing short of a great ending. Evan can write a song whether it’s just him and a guitar or if he has a full band backing him. This album varies sonically throughout to prove just that. My only disappointment was that the song was barely over 2 minutes as compared to the rest of the songs on the album that ran in the 3 and 4 minute ranges. However, it doesn’t deter me from enjoying the album. This is a must-listen album for 2016.