Review: Endless Mike & The Beagle Club – ‘Saint Paul’

mikebeagleEndless Mike & The Beagle Club formed back in 2003. They’re yet another band that I somehow didn’t know about until this year. I’m late to the party on a lot of wonderful bands, aren’t I? Anyway, I’m glad I heard about them becauseSaint Paul is easily one of the most interesting and unique albums I’ve heard so far this year. The band has a singer-songwriter feel with a huge backing band that plays a multitude of instruments. Now, I’ll dive into four songs that captured this.

“Intro to Phil Collins” is, in fact, the introduction to the album. You’ll get some harmonica jams going in this song and it was a bit unexpected, but pulled me in. The album has a fast pace for the most part, but the one song that really slowed things down a bit was “Monitor.” The string section in this song was stunning and beautiful to listen to. Enjoy the five minutes of this song as much as possible. “Try To See Your Life As A Hole” follows it and picks up the pace. The song opens with nice, crisp drums and heavier guitars. All three of these songs were different from each other, yet somehow fit right in with the album.

The last song, “Player Piano,” is aptly named since the piano part is highlighted throughout the song. It’s a solid ending to what was overall a fantastic album. Endless Mike & The Beagle Club have made a great first impression on me, despite this being far from their first release. The album will be out March 4th and you can grab a copy here. I highly suggest checking it out.