Interview: Older Than Oceans

Older Than Oceans
Older Than Oceans were able to take time to answer some questions we had for them. The band formed on Long Island and have been making music together since 2013. Check out the interview below.

Let’s start off with the usual questions quickly. How did the band meet and when did you all decide to start the band?

We started playing together alittle bit over 2 years ago. We all met through friends or bands we’ve been in and out of and things started progressing quick. We went through some changes with the line up here and there to really solidify our sound and here we are now!

Last year, you released It’s Not Me, It’s You. Where did you record the EP and who did you work with on it?

We worked on our last EP, It’s Not Me, It’s You, with Thomas Diognardi of In Loving Memory. They are a phenomenal band and Thomas is a great friend and producer. We are currently working with him on our next release!

Is there plan to follow it up with another release this year?

This summer we will be releasing some new music for sure! No word yet on any details about the record but you can see all of our updates on our website at

New York is a crowded place for the music scene, what are some of your favorite venues to play there?

There are so many awesome places to play in New York, I wouldn’t even know where to start. The Long Island music scene has been blowing up tremendously and every talented artist in the area has been getting the recognition they deserve. Between New York City and Long Island our personal favorite venues would have to be Revolution, Santos Party House, 89 North, Amityville Music Hall, Webster Hall, and Amazura concert hall to name a few!

What else can we expect from the band in 2016?

Definitely expect some new music, shows, videos, but hey, we can’t give everything away ha-ha.

Where can our readers find you online? 


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