Review: ROMP – ‘Departure From Venus’

It’s not often I find myself listening to a female-fronted band that isn’t No Doubt or Paramore. And I don’t entirely know why that’s the case, but with Departure From Venus, that’s about to change. From the second this album started, I greatly enjoyed it. ROMP are super energetic and have catchy melodies that you’ll want to listen to over and over again. The album isn’t super long. It runs for nine tracks and two come in at under two minutes. But that doesn’t sell anything short.

Normally, I’d pick out a few songs and talk about them, but I felt the need to not do that with this album. My hope is that you’ll be compelled to listen to the whole thing. From start to finish, the band rips through their songs and reel you in. At times, you will get a space-like vibe from the guitars that fits in with the album title. I will tell you, though, that one song does mention Netflix so you shouldn’t need any convincing that the lyrics are relatable. I will no doubt be going back to listen to their EP from last year. This is the band’s debut LP and I couldn’t tell. Everything was polished and well done. Bad Timing Records has a gem on their hands with this band. Go give them a listen.