Interview: Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland - Press Photo Fall 2015
Spencer Sutherland is a singer-songwriter who’s been making a ton of noise lately. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us regarding his new music, what we can expect from him, and more! Check out the interview below along with a song at the end.

You’re a self-taught musician, so how did you first get introduced to singing and playing music?

Honestly, I have loved music all my life. Ever since I can remember I’ve been singing something haha. I started playing anywhere and everywhere in high school, and shortly after found the right manager and stuff started really happening! It’s crazy when you can do what you love for a living!

It’s been a little over a year since ‘Unveiled’ was released, when can fans expect more music from you?

Well, I have taken some time to write over the past year. This year is about content. I recently released a new single to iTunes and Spotify called “Bad Influence” and then gave away another original song called “I Just Gotta” to my fans on Soundcloud

I am so so excited for my new music. Its a fresh new twist of RNB/pop! I think that they are really really going to like the music and feel like I feel it! It’s quite different than my old stuff, but I feel like it’s very important to evolve.

Ryan Seacrest recently premiered your “Bad Influence” music video. What was it like to have a huge personality within the entertainment industry release that?

It’s literally so insane!!!!! To have someone like him premiere my music video is really all you can ask for. People definitely were very excited for me, as was I!!

You’re also signed to a modeling agency now. What’s it like balancing that with making music and touring?

It’s actually easier than you think. Music is my number one passion and focus, but they go hand-in-hand. My modeling agency is really awesome and works with my music schedule! Very blessed to be with an amazing agency (Ford Models)!

Speaking of touring, what are your plans for shows this year?

I actually start touring in 4 days!!! I will pretty much be on the road for a couple of months. And honestly though, that’s just the plans right now. A lot more coming!

What’s the next major goal you want to hit with your music career?

My next major goal is really connect with more fans. I am planning on putting out an EP or album! I have so much music and I want everybody to hear it! Also after this new music you can expect major major touring!

Anything else we can expect from you in 2016?

Absolutely! I have a bunch of things I am working on that I want to share with my fans – always gotta stay fresh. Everyone can check my social media and youtube for what’s next haha.

Thanks for your time, where can our readers find you online?

Thank you so much for YOUR time! I appreciate it! Anybody can find me on Twitter and Instagram @spencermusic1 and my brand new single “Bad Influence” on iTunes and Spotify! Thanks!