Single Review: PVRIS “You and I”

If there’s anything I can say about PVRIS’ debut album White Noise, both in a sonic and visual sense it’s that the band has put their own creative stamp on alternative music. Call it electro-pop or even post-hardcore, but there’s something very endearing and natural about the band. The songs and the videos both feel like they are congruent to each other. “You and I,” the single of the deluxe edition of White Noise seems to be the epilogue of the era. It holds true to the themes that we love about PVRIS and introduced some growth as well.

The song itself does not need huge bells as whistles in order for it to be effective. In fact, the minimalism is the highlight. There’s faint guitar chords, electronic feedback, and subtle percussion – our main focus is on the main vocals of Lyndsey Gunnulfsen and the songs lyrics. You feel every emotion when Gunn sings “meet in the middle” and again in the second “you and I” in the bridge. PVRIS are notability road warriors and with that, that may be a caveat to maintain a friendship or a relationship. While it may have a personal meaning for Gunn, anybody can relate to having a roadblock to the thing they love the most while they are chasing the goal or dream they’ve always wanted. It’s on par with the rest of their songs – it’s honest, melodic, and catchy.

If this is truly the swan song of White Noise, then it was an emotional and well-written one. Like many of their songs, I’d love to see it live. I want to hear the crowd sing the harmony part in the chorus. When everybody can feel the depths of what your song is about, that’s when you know it’s great. Let’s see where the next road takes us.