Review: Cherry – ‘Gloom’


Cherry is a new project from Russell Edling (ex-Kite Party) and their new 7“ Gloom is out now via Lame-O Records. The EP is a nice blend of acoustic and electric instrumentation and will prepare you for the band’s upcoming full length coming later in 2016. Gloom brings us four new songs including the single, ”Alligators,“ which happens to run significantly longer than the other three songs on the EP. The single gives you just over five minutes of great bass rhythm paired with mellow vocals and distorted guitars. ”I won’t let you feel okay til you’re with me” is showing a sense of control over a situation, when in reality, there’s probably no control there at all. The song talks about a lot of things that will be done, but in the end, we hear no reason to believe this has worked out. Instead, the song is filled with an instrumental segment to close out the song.

“I’m So Tired” closes out the EP and the lyrics are relatable for anyone who is struggling in any way. It’s melancholy, much like the rest of Gloom. The songs make you wonder if the singer is someone you should worry about and that’s what makes every word feel so real. Cherry will literally hit you right in your emotions with this release and it’s only a taste of what the band has to offer.