Review: The Starting Line – ‘Anyways’


Anyways is the latest work form The Starting Line. The three song EP is their first release since Direction back in 2007. Nearly ten years later, the band is back. While it’s only an EP and not a full album, there’s something about the release that just makes you feel like it hasn’t been that long since they’ve released music. They’re practically picking up right where they left off.

The EP starts off with the title track and you can sense the maturity right off the bat. The songs are polished and maybe slightly heavier than some of the songs off Direction like “Somebody’s Gonna Miss Us.” The opening lines “Well I’ve been given a lot of time // To get my life set straight and my head on right” ensure that the band is aware of just how long they’re been away. The song is personal and full of situations that are very real for a lot of people. This was a great choice to open the EP.

“Quitter” and “Luck” make up the two other tracks and add to the single word song titles. Not that it matters, but it was interesting. Both songs follow the same tone of “Anyways” to give the EP a solid feel. “Luck” is just about that. They’re waiting for their luck to turn around after falling upon some hard times. Now, I’m not saying I’m glad it took The Starting Line so long to bring us new music, but I’m not sure how good it would have turned out if it had been released sooner. None of these songs are meant to be like “Bedroom Talk,” which had a much looser vibe to it. These songs let us know what the band went through while they weren’t releasing music. I enjoyed all three songs, but if you’re a huge fan of them, it may take a few listens to really dig into it and enjoy.

The album will be out February 19th via Downtown Records.

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