Review: Grayscale – ‘What We’re Missing’

grayscale_fulllength_front_001Grayscale are by all means a band that would fall under the category of pop-punk. But their new album, What We’re Missing, is so much more than that. You can instantly hear it in the opening song “Tense.” While the song doesn’t even hit two minutes, you hear the band go from slower, melodic tunes to heavy hitting guitars and vocals. “Palette” follows and drops a mention of The Menzingers. I mean, that alone should give you a reason to listen to the album. However, if it’s not, just know that this song is super catchy and it’ll be the first sonf of theirs to get stuck in your head.

Lyrical content is always something that determines how much I enjoy an album. Now, I don’t need to relate to every word for something to be enjoyable, but I need it to feel real. When lyrics are something you can’t relate to or just feel untouchable, the music becomes slightly less enjoyable. That’s not an issue at all with Grayscale. They have mature songwriting abilities and they shine throughout the album. “Irish Curtains,” for example, might just be the most emotional song on the album. It still gives you beautiful, melodic guitars while telling a story of pain.

This album covers a wide range of musical and lyrical abilities and allows the band to stand out among the plethora of pop-punk bands that are vying to be noticed. The album has a fast pace to it, making it seem effortless to listen to. You could put this on replay and not get tired of it because it’s so smooth and catchy. I could go song by song and tell you why to listen to this, but I was hooked on my first listen of “Tense” and I get the feeling that if you enjoy alt rock or pop-punk, this album will be a perfect blend for you.

What We’re Missing was released on February 12th so be sure to stream it or grab a copy.