Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I almost have a love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead as a series. Just when there are some episodes where I scratch my head in bewilderment and about to jettison to another show, they rope me right back in with a great episode. “No Way Out” is no exception to this rule as it was straight up carnage from the word go. Bam! Boo! Slash! The cold open which was our epilogue before we went on break was the best way to introduce us back into their characters. There are a couple themes within this scene that I thought were pretty cool. There was an inconsistency I had a minor gripe with. Did it really turn day and night that fast? Why are you walking through zombies during the night anyway? Well, let’s get into it.  SPOILERS: Heavens, if you haven’t seen it yet, shield your eyes.

The Near Miss: Ok, so our heroes were nearly killed in a couple of ways. Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl all almost bit the collective bullet by Negan’s cronies and Glenn almost literally got eaten by a platoon of zombies saving Maggie. I don’t know how many guardian angels that Glenn has around him, but it’s crazy. You have to think that many people will die in this latter half of the season. Perhaps, there is a little foreshadowing here as to whom we lose down the road.

Togetherness and The Roadblock To Come: The scenes where the Alexandria faithful come together to take on the hords of zombies was touching. However, I looked at it a different way. Throughout these seasons, our group had to take on threats from the human side (The Governor, The Wolves), but there will always be zombies. They are the dominant existential threat. You get bit – see ya! It seems like whatever the group comes up against, they find a way to overcome. With Negan’s presence in the background and the beginning of the episode in tow, you may think that’s the case again. Keep watching because this time, it will be a very different outcome for a long period.

Taking Care of Business The First Time Around: Damn it, Carl! You’ve lost an eye! Ron’s bullet (RIP his family!) was clearly meant for Rick in some essence Rick gets blamed for everything. We can trace this back to Ron and Carl’s fight in the garage in the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, Ron was going to be a lingering problem and Carl did not take him out at that time. Now, he’s going to be Solid Snake for the rest of the series with an eye patch. This could be said for Carol and Morgan’s relationship. Morgan tries to extend the human route to Carol reminding her of what she lost, but she is so solider-like because of the environment around her, this is immediately rebuffed. Thankfully, Denise lives, but it’s because the Wolf helped her. So whose way will survive in the end? I think Carol and Morgan will eventually have to eliminate the other.

This part of the season is going to be the most brutal in a long time. While I’m happy that there is loyalty to the comics, I don’t necessarily want it to go all “Games of Thrones” on us yet. It makes the scene between Glenn and Enid in the church is so important for us to be invested. “People you love…they made you who you are,” Glenn said to Enid. While, I don’t know why you would have an epiphany while you are being overran by zombies, it reminds us of what they lost and why they still have hope. Now, gear up. It’s going to be a bloody and ridiculous last half of the season ahead.