Interview: Jason Davis (One One 7)

Jason Davis is the CEO of entertainment company One One 7. He was kind enough to take some time to answer questions about the broad range of entertainment his company handles, how he got his start, and more. Check out the interview below!

How did you first get your start in the entertainment industry?

When Grant Cunningham from Sparrow records heard my songs he started placing them on records. One of those songs became a radio hit.

You had several different roles before starting One One 7. Which of those roles prepared you most for starting your own company?

Since I’ve been in the music business I have many of the same roles today that I had when i first started out. Pre-music industry I worked in management jobs and sales jobs that prepared me greatly for the music business. Desiring to make great products and handling people well is something I learned before the entertainment industry but have refined those skills over the years.

Was One One 7 always intended to cover a wide range of entertainment?

My initial intent was music related, but as I grew in the entertainment business it quickly grew to the different aspects we cover today like movies and television.

What was it like going from songwriting to the business side of the industry?

I was very business minded before I came into the music industry. It was natural to me, I was probably more business minded than I was ever a songwriter.

What’s next for One One 7? Will you be adding more entities to the company?

We definitely have our hands full working in movies, music, television and book publishing. I can’t foresee what else is ahead, but we will definitely follow God’s lead.

Where is the best place to keep up with everything One One 7 will be doing in 2016?

Our website and also following our television network One One 7 TV.