Interview: Blacktop Queen

BQ_Spiderbite_newNate Lotz of Blacktop Queen recently took the time to answer some questions about the band’s new music, what the LA scene is like, and more.You can also stream their new single at the end of the interview so be sure to check it out below!

LA is full of musicians, how did the three of you meet and decide to start the band?

We had all played together in different capacity and different formations of bands.  This band formed out of the death of other bands. Nate (songwriter/drummer) had his band and girlfriend break up w him on the same day. Evan (songerwriter/singer) had his band disintegrate into irreconcilable personality differences.  Omar (bass) and Nate were longtime friends who began to work on new music together and when they linked up with Evan to complete some of their song ideas it was a perfect match. 

How is Echo Park compared to areas like Hollywood as far as the venues and music scene go?

Echo Park seems to have a more “band” oriented scene going on. A lot more of collaboration and people trying new things together. It’s an exciting place to go out and see new music and see what people are diving in to.

What led to the decision to do everything live?

 I think we really value the genuineness that can come from it. We don’t feel the need to hide imperfection or things that are making us human when we play.   We try to embrace capturing a real live moment in time. It has also made us be more thoughtful about our parts and our musicianship because there nothing to hide behind and no “we’ll fix that later” going on. 

Do you think that brings a certain uniqueness to your sound?

Yes I think even the fact we do not record to a metronome brings a fresh feeling because the music moves. It speeds up slightly or slows down a little in certain sections because we feel it and let it keep its humanness. Also because we don’t do tons of layering it lets the parts stand out individually.  

What LA bands are you digging right now?

Riothorse Royale
Clara Nova
La Sera

Can you tell us a bit about the new music you have coming out?

We just released a new song called “Spiderbite.”  It’s close to our hearts. It’s about a person thats poisonous to you but you can’t keep away.  

Will the band be touring in 2016?

 Potentially 🙂