Interview: Kurt Travis (Of Esque Records)

kurt/paul travis

Kurt Travis, who runs Esque Records when he’s not making his own music, took some time to answer questions about the label and his split release with Paul Travis. Check out the interview below!

What spurred the idea to start Esque Records?
I started managing bands about a year ago, and thought of the label as somewhat of an additional asset to the services i can provide to my artists. 

How do you go about finding artists to work with?
I found most of my artists from touring/traveling the U.S. as well as some research on the internet.

As a musician yourself, how do you balance making music and managing the label?
Esque Records is run by my wife Lauren Travis, when I’m on tour mostly. I do my best to stay connected with my artist on the road, while she takes care of all the orders and scheduled tasks for the label’s album releases when i’m away.

What brought about the split with Paul Travis?
I met Paul at a show I was playing in salt lake with A Lot Like Birds. He is a good friend of our bass player Matt Coate who is also a gifted singer-songwriter. Matt introduced me and later played me some of his music after Paul had left. I was immediately blown away by Paul songs and quickly starting working with him to record a split release

Since you each did two songs, we’re you ever in the studio together or was it recorded separately?
Paul had already tracked the two songs I wanted on the split, although he did fly to Carmel, CA to help me with input on my two songs and all the songs were mixed and mastered there.

Going off of that, what was the recording process like?
The tracking went pretty smooth! I have recorded with Ben Rosett a number of times at Spirit Vision Studios. Carmel was a great environment for Paul and I to create this ep with the Pacific being so close. 

Can we expect more new music from both of you in the near future?
Absolutely! I plan on releasing a new full length as well as Paul in the near future. 

What’s the best way to keep up with you and the label?
Follow us on our social media @esquerecords outlets or go to for all label info!