Review: Magnet School – ‘The Art Of Telling The Truth’

As many may know, Austin, is a city full of music and a large amount of venues to play said music at. Magnet School has managed to stand out in the crowd with their blend of various rock genres. I’ve never been one for getting into the nitty gritty details of specific genres like shoegaze. If I like a band, it’s for their music and not what genre they’re considered to be a part of. I jumped right into this album knowing that people have said it’s a blend of this and that genre, but all that mattered to me was that the music was good. With that said, let’s move on to the actual music.

If you love guitars, this is a must-listen. You’ll get guitars on guitars and even some more after that. “British Monuments” is one of the songs where this stands out. Even with a large amount of guitars to listen to, though, don’t forget to pay attention to the lyrics. These guys can write the hell out of a song. The band formed back in 2005 and with this only being their sophomore album, they have had plenty of time to hone their craft and give everything they have to The Art of Telling the Truth. Despite having a huge wall of sound, each song is distinguishable and it’s clear where songs start and end, while still keeping the flow of the album going.

With “Swandive,” the band puts their musicianship on display and gives the listeners an instrumental track. A lot of bands wouldn’t put an almost four minute long instrumental in an album. Many times instrumentals are much shorts and used as interludes. That isn’t what this felt like. It was part of the album and can still keep you engulfed in the album without lyrics. That’s how good these guys are. Now, I only mentioned two songs here, which happen to be tracks three and four, but there is a reason behind that. I think this is an album that any rock fan can find something to enjoy in it. So, I don’t want to give everything away. Just go listen to it and you’ll see what I mean.