Review: The Pooches – ‘Heart Attack’

The Pooches are from Glasgow, Scotland and will be releasing Heart Attack January 29th. They’re making their way into the U.S. and working with Lame-O Records. The EP is a great introduction to the band and it kicks off with the title track. You get all four songs in under ten minutes, so this EP won’t take up a lot of your time. “Heart Attack” was the single off the release and is a perfect way to start off the EP. You instantly get a feel for the band and it’s very clear they have some Beach Boys influence, especially in those vocal melodies.

This EP is the catchiest release I’ve heard this month. With only four songs, it left me wanting to hear a lot more from the band. I could easily listen to Heart Attack over and over. If you’re even slightly into indie pop, be sure to check out this release. “Rhythm of The Rain” closes out the EP with an upbeat melody, but heartfelt lyrics, which fits the overall tone of the release. This is one you won’t want to miss out on.