Review: Washer – ‘Here Comes Washer’

Washer’s cleverly named debut full-length, *Here Comes Washer*, is the follow up to their 2014 EP *Bighead.* The band had a couple 7″ splits in between, but this is the release fans were waiting for. The pop-punk duo is nothing short of impressive. Upon listening to the album, it’s likely that you wouldn’t realize they’re a duo. Mike Quigley handles the bass, guitar, and vocal duties while Kieran McShane rounds it out with drums.

“Eyelid” is the album opener and the bass heavily stands out. While the duo squeezes 14 songs into a mere 29 minutes, the opener takes up 3 1/2 of those minutes. Clearly it’s not the album standard as far as length goes, but it eases you into the faster songs you’ll hear that only last a minute or two. With 14 songs, the band is also able to cover a lot of ideas and topics. You hear it in the catchy lyrics. Musically, the band takes a 90’s pop punk vibe and mixes it with guitar tones more commonly heard in grunge. “Porky” gives a great example of that blend.

It’s easy to let January releases slip through your fingers when you start looking back at releases late in the year, but this is one that will likely keep you listening for a while. The songs are sing-a-long friendly and give you a throwback feel when you listen to them. “Do It Yourself” has guitar parts that I just can’t get out of my head. The album closes out with “Figure Me Out,” which leaves you on a high note. “I don’t want to die” will feel like an appropriate conclusion, and yet you may find tousled in the same situation I did: wanting to hear more from the band. From now on, I’ll be keeping track of this band to see just what they can accomplish.