Review: Mindset – ‘Nothing Less’

Mindset have released their final EP, giving their fans three songs to go out with. The band’s members are all from various other projects and the band will be breaking it off this spring. Before they do, they’ll hit the road for a final set of shows. In the meantime, Nothing Less is what they have to give.

The EP is explosive and clearly anticipates an ending. It kicks off with the title track, “Nothing Less.” You get some screeching guitar that goes right into some heavy chords before even hearing any lyrics. The song builds up into that hardcore feel you know and love. For nearly a minute and a half, you get nothing but instruments. But once the vocals come in, you won’t be disappointed. “We’re Right” and “Effigy” complete Nothing Less and while “We’re Right” is a short song, it packs a punch. “Effigy” moves at what seems like a faster pace and with it, it seems like the EP is over way too soon.

Now, I hadn’t heard about this band previously (shame on me, most likely). And while fans might not want the band to end, this is a solid EP to go out on. I may just have to go back and give the rest of their music a listen. You can grab a copy of the album via REACT! Records.