Interview: Ignite


Brett Rasmussen, of Orange County punk band, Ignite, took some time to answer questions about the bands upcoming release, the punk scene in Southern California, and more. Check out the bands 2016 tour dates here and read the interview below!

Can you give our readers a little background about the band?

I am just going to pull a few lines out of our current bio…that will do a much better job than me trying to give background on the band…

Formed in 1993 in the suburbs of Orange County, IGNITE have made a career defying convention with against the grain music and thought provoking, politically charged lyricism. The band’s records have distinguished themselves with complex arrangements, triumphant hooks and IGNITE’s calling card: frontman Zoli Teglas’ unmistakable, soaring vocals. Not only have IGNITE become an international touring force, headlining sold-out venues and festivals across the world, but recent history also found the band members individually exploring new creative avenues that have only served to galvanize IGNITE itself.

What is one of your favorite parts about the punk scene in Southern California?

It is a great place to live and play music. The Orange County punk and hardcore scene has been a really cool and unique place to experience music for quite a few decades now and has spawned many great bands like Social Distortion, The Offspring, The Adolescents, The Vandals, Uniform Choice, Agent Orange and many many more. We are proud to be form here and be associated with these great bands.

What was the inspiration behind A War Against You?

We received countless emails from people begging us to release a new album. This is something very special and something that not too many people get to experience in their lives and we really appreciate this. This is probably the biggest inspiration for us to write then album, for the fans.

Will you hit the road right after the album release on January 8th?

Yes, we will head out directly as the album is released.

What are some of your favorite release from 2015?

I have been listening to the new Millencolin album True Brew a lot lately, I had the chance to see them in my hometown a few months ago and they put on a really great show as always. I also wanted to send a special shout out to Teenage Bottlerocket, who put out a great album, “Tales From Wyoming” earlier this year. They are really great guys, and I got to hang out with them a few years back at The Blasting Room and then again this Summer in Berlin. Condolences to them and Brandon’s family.

Any fun holiday traditions that the band has?

Stay home and avoid touring during Christmas and New Years J

Thanks for your time, where can we find the band online?