Interview + Playlist: Alexander Lynch

alexander lynch

Alexander Lynch was kind enough to take some time to answer some questions and make a playlist of some of his favorite songs of 2015. Check out the interview and the playlist at the end!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where are you from and how did you get your start in music?

I’m 23. I come from the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan. I’ve been writing and performing music for about 13 years. I started out as a drummer and background vocalist, then went on to pick up other instruments and experiment among lots of genres. I kind of learned how to write songs by learning the instruments. It gave me a good knowledge of what everything was supposed to do and how to use everything in the best interest of the song. That’s always been most important to me. I produce and write more electronically now, which I learned quickly given that prior knowledge. But going back to drums, they’ve always been integral in how I deliver vocals. So I often think of vocal melodies and parts in a very rhythmic setting, which I think makes the songs pretty dynamic at times.

What was the main inspiration behind this EP?

I’ve had the idea of making my own body of work for quite a while now. And throughout that time, the concept kind of always remained the same. I knew it would be darker in places and I knew it would have something to do with the winter months and the kind of darkness/depression they bring on. Conceptually, it has to do with relationships, but it’s sort of describing them from a perspective of being stuck in a rut. There’s a lot of reflection, regret, and anxiety. It seems hopeless and inevitably depressing, but it’s the perspective that my solo career sort of started at. And I think this is a good way to sort commemorate the last couple years of my life. It’ll get more positive as times goes on. Sonically, it’s very inspired by modern hip hop/pop/electronic music. A lot of people hate the way it’s going, but I really like it.

Did you accomplish everything you wanted in 2015?

I think I accomplished that and so so much more. Going into this year, I had no idea what I was going to do. Musically or with my life in general. It seemed very uncertain. Which I think the writing towards the beginning also represents. But I hadn’t even met my producer and now very good friend, Ryan McCarthy. Fast forward a bit, I’m putting out an EP, playing full band electronic shows, working with incredible artists of all kinds, and I’m in a position I couldn’t have dreamed of a year ago.

Since the holidays are coming up and you have the new EP, are there any plans to tour before or after?

My band (my producer Ryan and our percussionist Ben Weissenborn) and I are currently rehearsing the live show to debut soon. We’re going to start performing and supporting the EP release with shows in early 2016. We want to build our version of the perfect live show and then get it out there to lots of people. From there, I certainly hope to be in a position to tour.

Will we be hearing more music from you in 2016? Possibly a full-length?

The EP was produced and written by myself and Ryan. And we’ve spent almost a year creating it. Since we started, I’ve learned how to use production software myself and have been producing more of my own music lately. So I’ll be posting a lot more on my Soundcloud, whether it be demos or mixtapes or instrumentals. The sound is evolving a lot and I’m pushing myself harder than I ever have to make better music. I don’t know exactly when a full length will be arriving, but I do know that there will be a lot more of my music out in one way or another. This is really just starting for me and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2016.