Interview + Playlist: Come Wind

The guys in Come Wind took time to answer some questions for us and made a playlist of some of their favorite songs from 2015. Be sure to check it out below!

How did you guys meet and where are you all from?
We’re all from the same general area. We all kind of met through mutual friends, and from all being a part of the local music scene. As things were forming for Come Wind, and later as different needs presented themselves, we always looked to the people around us. So, it turned out that we’re all from same part of Ohio.

What was the main inspiration behind your debut full length?
When we started writing Move in Place, the main principle that guided the album was simply trying to write the best songs we possibly could. We weren’t trying to force anything to sound a certain way, or fall into a certain mold. We simply wanted the songs to be the best pieces they could be.

What’s it been like working with Royal Division Management?
Royal Division has been great. Our manager Cory Hajde is a guy we’ve known for a long time, but we’ve only just recently begun working with him professionally. We’re thankful for him, and excited to see our relationship with him and Royal Division grow.

Are there plans for a tour following the new release?
Yes, we plan to do as much touring as possible in 2016 to support this record. We have a few things in the works.

What can we expect from you guys in 2016?
You’ll see us on the road in 2016. Come out and see us!