Golden State Defeat Lakers To Make NBA History

by Deanna Chapman

Last night, the Lakers traveled to Oracle Arena to face the Warriors, who were chasing history, and achieved it. The Warriors are now 16 – 0 and they’re the only team in NBA history to win that many consecutive games at the start of a season.  The Warriors came into this game with a tremendous advantage against the now 2 – 12 Lakers. Kobe shot just 1 – 14 from the field in what is easily becoming the worst season he’s played in his career. It’s understandable and likely not the part of his career that anyone will be remembering years from now. The Lakers played next to no defense and it’s surprising that Golden State didn’t score even more points on them. Hubert can’t defend the team on his own and the young guys are fast enough to where they should be able to play ends of the court.

At this point, 14 games in, the Lakers are starting to look like they don’t have a clue on how to stop any teams. Byron Scott benches the young players (mainly Russell) in favor of veterans at the end of games. Sometimes I wonder if the Lakers realize how detrimental this can be to the players who are supposed to be the future. It’s already been a frustrating year, and I don’t see it getting a whole lot better. The Lakers will be lucky to even make it to 20 wins this season. Let’s hope they have enough sense to just worry about developing the players who are rookies or in their second year. They need the focus to be on them and not how horrible Kobe has been playing in what’s likely his final year.