Favorite Songs of 2015: MIGHTY

Welcome to Favorite Songs of 2015. The first edition of this is starting with MIGHTY, who just released bye, have nice! last week. Check out Angelo’s favorite songs so far this year and listen to them in a playlist below!

Julien Baker – “Go Home”
This song actually made me cry. Especially when that good old hymn hits at the end (brings back memories). Julien has that fire and honest emotion in her art I think everyone should strive to find and share.

Weatherbox – “They’re Ready For Us To Come Home (Reissue)”
When “The Cosmic Drama” was originally released I have to say I didn’t care much for this song, but now on the reissue it has definitely become one of my favorite Weatherbox songs. 

Kurt Vile – “That’s Life Tho (almost hate to say)”
This song just makes me feel alright. The laziness and comfort of Kurt Viles sound makes me happy. A true certified badass.

Courtney Barnett – “Pedestrian At Best”
I mean obviously anyone with ears would put this in a list of favorite songs. Dudes right now wish they could have the confidence and swagger to put out songs like Barnett.

Hop Along – “Waitress”
Francis Quinlan’s voice and songwriting power left me completely awestruck when I first heard Hop Along’s “Get Disowned” in 2012.  With the second album it only got better.