Review: Dead Leaves/PINE – Split EP

by Deanna Chapman

Dead Leaves and PINE worked on a split EP that will be released this Friday. While PINE had a couple more minutes on the EP than Dead Leaves, you still got a great feel for both bands and an equal amount of songs at two each. If you’re into pop punk and looking for some new bands to listen to, this split would be a good start. Both bands have thoughtful lyrics and the melodies to go along with them.

Dead Leaves kicks off the EP with “I’m Sorry Darling” and PINE follows with “Waste.” Each of these songs is a solid representation of the bands’ musicianship and songwriting abilities. Dead Leaves then follows with “Recycled Air” and PINE closes out with “Lopri.” I found all of these songs to be extremely enjoyable and as I mentioned earlier, gives you a great feel to the bands. This EP is a fantastic introduction to both bands if you’ve never listened to either of them. I highly suggest streaming and/or grabbing a copy of the EP here.