Interview + Playlist: Tim Korenich

by Deanna Chapman

Check out an interview with Tim Korenich and enjoy a playlist of his favorite songs so far from 2015!

Where did you record your debut LP and what was the process like?
I recorded the record at Sixtyten Studios. It was just Steven Warstler (producer), Nelson Overton (drums & percussion), and me for most of the initial tracking, so we kept a very laid back vibe while we were working. We had some other talented musicians like Dean Tartaglia (saxophone) and Alexandria Granados (backing vocals) lend their talents and it made for one of the most comfortable recording experiences I’ve had.

What is the most personal song on the record for you?
This is a very personal record for me, and certain songs are like little glimpses of very specific moments. “What’ll it Take” probably captures the feeling of the record the best. The feeling that you know you need to make a change but aren’t sure how or if you can.

What are your plans once the album is released?
I plan to do some touring after the release, but most of the dates are tentative at this point. I expect to have some East Coast dates in the coming months.

Any stories you have from the making of the album?
Like I said, it was a very comfortable recording process. I made meals in a slow cooker while we worked, and we’d take breaks to eat and relax. It’s nice when your work day is just hanging out with your friends, especially when they are this talented.

Where can our readers find out more about you?
I have bandcamp and soundcloud pages, and I make terrible jokes on twitter.