Review: Baron Fig Apprentice Notebook

by Deanna Chapman

The Apprentice is a pocket notebook by Baron Fig, which measures at 3.5“ by 5” and contains 48 pages. I heard about this company through Brad Dowdy and Myke Hurley, who host The Pen Addict on I had initially tried out Field Notes per their recommendation and loved those, but I still wanted to try some others. This lead to me purchasing Baron Fig’s Confidant, their larger notebook. Luckily, I had caught Baron Fig’s attention on Twitter while recommending them to a friend and when I told them I was interested in the Apprentice notebooks, they kindly sent me some to review. So here we are.

The notebooks are available as a three pack with ruled, dot grid, or blank paper. I’m currently using a blank one, and while I mainly use it to make my daily to do list and jot down interesting things I want to check out later, the freedom of the blank page makes me feel like I could do so much more with it. The cover has a nice, leathery feel, which make it easy to hold in your hand and you won’t feel like it’ll slip as you write. Baron Fig does a great job with the paper, as it’s acid-free grain paper. I mainly use your everyday pens like Pilot and Uni-Ball, so the paper is perfect for that. I never have any ink bleed through and while I can slightly see it through the paper, it’s not distracting or noticeable once you start writing on the other side of the page. I’ve had previous notebooks where I felt like I couldn’t use the backside of pages because the ink would show through so much. What a waste, right?

Using a Field Notes notebook prior to this, I thought I might miss that extra half inch of height, but it really hasn’t bothered me. If I did happen to keep this notebook in my back pocket, it would actually fit much better. And it does fit better in the slot I keep it in inside my backpack. Baron Fig also offers some perforated pages in the back of the notebook. I can easily see this coming in handy at some point. The Apprentice is overall a fantastic notebook to jot down ideas, to do lists, and whatever else you can think of. You can grab their classic gray 3-pack here and follow them on Twitter to see when they release new limited edition notebooks.

P.S. They just released a new charcoal Confidant, so I suggest checking that out, too.