Review: Pentimento – ‘I, No Longer’

Pentimento hail from New York and work their asses off to create awesome music for their fans. The band isn’t a full time gig, but when they work on it, it feels like it should be. I, No Longer is the new LP from the band and it’s an emotion-filled ride when you give it a listen. The album starts off with a quick song in “Small Talk For Strangers.” You instantly get an intense, personal feeling from the lyrics and that continues throughout the album. Personally, the lyrics were hands down the most important part of this release. They’re precise, while still being catchy.

I had listened to Pentimento prior to this release, but this is the first time their work really stuck with me. Which leads me to “Stuck Forever” on the album. The song was first released on a 7" that marked the bands first release since 2013. This was released back in July and had a lot of time to sink in with fans and let them know what to expect from I, No Longer. It’s a great song to start with and I recommend checking out “Sink or Swim” and “Tell Me,” as well. Those three songs are solid and some of my favorites off the album. I didn’t find myself wanting to skip any songs and none of them really felt like “filler” songs. If you’re a lyrics person, I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do. It’s easily a contender on my end of the year list. The album is available via Bad Timing Records here.