Interview: Vector XING

by Deanna Chapman

Check out an interview with Vector XING and stream their latest single “Computer Eyes” below!

You guys both grew up on quite different music, how did you guys come together and find a happy medium?

Our strength as a duo comes from our differences in musical upbringing. My house growing up was all about Miles Davis and Parliament Funkadelic, while Cameron was raised with Radiohead and Bob Dylan. But I think those artists belong to the same musical religion. Their music is all about tapping into the deepest part of your human experience and sharing with the emotions they elicit. I think that’s where Cameron and I saw eye to eye. The methods to express ourselves musically may differ, but the underlying sentiment is the same. Make good music with meaning. Fortunately our approaches to making music coexist effortlessly. Our differences force us to think about music in new ways, and that’s why we’re able to make the music that we do.

How did you meet? Do you find that being in LA, it’s a good fit for your electronic R&B style?

We initially met in college in New Jersey. We both moved to LA around the same time and our friendship has continued to blossom ever since. LA is an amazing place for the type of music we’re making – so many creative collaborators. But I don’t really think there is a bad place to make music. I think your surroundings always inform your art; good or bad. But I think the fact that I grew up here and find so much comfort and joy in this city, allows me a lot of creative space. There’s so much growth and dynamic change taking place LA right now and I think you can hear that energy in our music.

Cameron, what differences have you seen within the music scene between NYC and LA? Is there one place you prefer over the other?

The music scene in LA has a bit more of an “industry” focus whereas in NYC the artists were more about touring and the independent route. The style of music in LA leans more popular with more emphasis on craft and less on artistic expression. But it’s hard to generalize too much and these observations may simply be reflective of who I was playing with in each city. As for the NYC vs LA debate..  I’m a big LA fan. Nature is important to me so the fact that I live in the 2nd largest city in the US and surf before the day starts is pretty special in my eyes. LA offers you the space, both creative and literal, to pursue your vision. In NYC, I always felt pulled in a million directions and cramped! And the things that people criticize about LA, well for now at least, I find them amusing. So yeah, LA or London over NYC for me.

Stevan, did you ever consider leaving LA to pursue music or has this always been the place for you?

I think a lot of starting a career from the ground up in music is about using the resources around you to the fullest advantage. So, LA being my hometown, there was no better place for me to start my journey. There are tons of places around the world that I’d like to be able to write and pursue music, somewhere down the line. Stockholm and London are two that come to mind most readily. But also places like France, Korea and Australia all have amazing music scenes at the moment and I think it’d be amazing to  immerse myself in one of those places and  gain a different perspective on my art. LA is the place for me right now though. No other place I’d rather be.

Where do you plan to take your music next? What are some goals you have for the project?

Feel like we’re newborns at the moment. There is so much possibility on the horizon for the types of music that can be made. We’ve only really scratched  the surface in terms of our creative output. We just focus on each song as it comes and do our utmost to make it everything it needs to be and give it everything we have. As long as we keeping doing that, I think we will be ok. To make music that isn’t hindered by trends, but transcends time and genres is our ultimate goal. As long we are sharing our gift and giving of ourselves in a way that affects other people in a positive way, we are on the right track!