Interview + Playlist: Yellow Red Sparks


by Deanna Chapman

Yellow Red Sparks was kind enough to create a playlist and answer a few questions for the site. You can check out the playlist, interview, and a stream of “I Want My Knife Back” below!

The band formed in 2012 and released A Play to End All Plays. How have you progressed since then?
Touring progresses you pretty quickly, as well as the feeling that complete strangers are listening through your bedroom walls. In general, I hope that I’ve just become a better writer and found a sound that I’m comfortable with sharing.  

What was the recording process like for the new EP?
We tracked with my brother John Hanson and our friend Chris Sorem. The whole process felt like a family get together without the turkey. It was refreshing to be on the same page and we focused on making the songs as interesting as possible, without losing any of the original intention. It was great! Check out their studio –

Can you tell us a bit about your song selections for the playlist?
I was reading a recipe for something recently and it was titled, “To die for..” tacos or whatever it was. I thought that was a great way to describe music that I love and these were the first songs that came to mind. There are tons more though 🙂

What are your plans following the EP release and where can readers find out more information about the band?
Playing a local show on the release date at a great little record shop in Santa Ana called, “Beatnik Bandito”. After that, not really sure. Best ways to keep in touch are by following us on instagram or visiting the website