Review: Run Forever – ‘Run Forever’

by Deanna Chapman

The first time I heard of Run Forever was earlier this year when they had signed to No Sleep Records and released Big Vacation earlier this year. I was instantly a fan of the EP and wanted to hear more. Now the band has released their self-titled album. “Big Vacation” was the only song from the EP to make it onto the album, which is perfectly fine by me, the more Run Forever songs, the better. The song covers the mediocrity of a 9 to 5 life, something that is relatable for many of us. The songs mix mellow vocals with dynamic music to bring them to life. The record contains a wide array of emotions and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Shifting Responsibility” starts off big with some loud and fast drums and guitars. It eases up about twenty seconds in and the vocals come in. It builds back up as the chorus comes around and it’s one of the more upbeat songs in the first half of the album. The song moves into “Separate Bedrooms,” which is a song about Anthony Heubel’s mom and the general ups and downs of life. It fits in perfectly with the overarching emotional theme of the album. The song is beautifully stripped down and easily became one of my favorites off the record. “Company Card” and “Weight Under Me” round out the end of the album. “Company Card” felt like the more experimental song on the album with some electronic sounds mixed with acoustic guitar to open the song. It also happens to be the shortest song on the album, but still fits in well. “Weight Under Me” closes out the album and feels bass-driven more so than most of the songs. I think it’s a fitting song and a strong close to the album. No Sleep definitely made a fantastic choice by signing Run Forever and I look forward to what’s next from the band. This is an album I’ll be listening to for a while. If you’re interested you can grab a copy over at No Sleep Records or on iTunes. But whatever you do, at least give it a listen.