Label Spotlight: Bad Timing Records


by Deanna Chapman

Bad Timing Records was started by Zack Zarrillo and Thomas Nassiff initially to repress some of their favorite albums to vinyl. The label has now expanded to doing new releases and has a stacked roster. The label was started in July 2013 and within that first year, their seven releases quickly gained attention, with first pressings quickly selling out. In it’s second year, the label kept growing and it will likely just keep going. This label doesn’t really need a spotlight since they’re doing just fine, but it felt necessary since they’ve put out some great releases with many more to come. 

As I just mentioned, the roster is pretty stacked, so it will be easiest to just head to the artist page over on their website, here.

Upcoming Releases:
Kevin Devine – Matter of Time – October 9 (Preorder)

 Kevin Devine – Brother’s Blood (Second Pressing) – October 9 (Preorder)

 Head North, Microwave – Split – October 9th (Preorder)

 Pentimento – I, No Longer – October 23rd (Preorder)

Lydia – This December; It’s One More and I’m Free – November 13 (Preorder)

Recently Released:
Devinyl Splits No. 3:Kevin Devine, Tigers Jaw (Order – shipments will begin going out in the upcoming weeks)

Coming Soon:
Devinyl Splits No. 4: Kevin Devine, Cymbals Eat Guitars

Where To Start?
Bad Timing Records currently have close to 30 releases up on their site, so it may be tough to know where to start. Here are a couple recommendations:

Devinyl Splits (Three have been released):
Personally, I think you should start with the latest split with Tigers Jaw since both the band and Devine cover The Cure. Check out Kevin Devine’s cover of “Lovesong.”

All Get Out:
The first time I listened to this band was when Bad Timing released Movement. This band is catchy and you can revisit The Season since that was repressed by the label, as well. “Balance” can be streamed below.