Review: The Obsessives – ‘Heck No, Nancy’

by Deanna Chapman

The Obsessives are the “babies” on Near Mint considering they just recently finished high school and recorded Heck No, Nancy on their spring break. A band so young has room to grow and hone their sound. The Obsessives are off to a great start with this release. The pop punk scene has grown exponentially and sometimes the talent gets jumbled in with the mediocre. Let’s go ahead and get to why this band and their new album are worth listening to. 

Heck No, Nancy has been building up quite a good amount of buzz in the scene, and rightfully so. The album starts off with “Daisy” and it’s one of six songs on the album that runs under three minutes. The Obsessives throw some punches and do so quickly. This was the debut album that almost didn’t happen, but I’m sure glad it did. It my be safe to that we’re looking at the new faces off pop punk, which is refreshing since it seems we’ve been overwhelmed with bands doing 10 year reunion tours instead of creating new material or hearing new bands. “Ouch” is one of my favorites on the album with it’s melancholic vibes. They may sing about some typical high school problems, but let’s remember, they literally just finished high school. The Obsessives are one of the best new bands this year and if you aren’t listening to them you’re missing out. I could go on, but I’ll spare you the agony of that. Just go listen to Heck No, Nancy and hopefully you’ll see as much potential in them as I do. 

Grab a copy of the record over at Near Mint.