Interview: Infinity Girl

by Deanna Chapman

Infinity Girl recently released Harm via Topshelf Records and I had a chance to chat with them about the release. Check out the responses from Nolan below. 

How long have you guys been a band and how did you meet?

We’ve been a band for around four years. Mitchell (bass player) and Sebastian (drummer) have been friends and playing in bands since they were in middle school. Kyle (guitar player/singer) and I (the other guitar player/singer) went to college with Mitchell in Boston, we all eventually got to know each other in Boston.

Who did you record harm with and what was the process like?

Our friend James Krivchenia engineered the record for us. We had two overnight sessions at the Bunker in Brooklyn and did our best to record decent takes of all 11 songs in that time.

Before the basic recording sessions however, there was a lot of time spent talking and thinking about how the record should sound and re-arranging some songs to make them fit a little better together.

What led to the decision to have vinyl and cassettes pressed for this release?

We’re really excited to have this album on vinyl and cassette. We’ve never had an album out on vinyl before this one. Our label (Topshelf Records) presses vinyls for all of their records, so that wasn’t much of a decision, just an affirmative, yes. We were thinkingas pressing them to tape would be great, especially for this record because we modeled a lot of the production style on bands from the heyday of tapes. Then out of the blue, Disposable America, a label we were a fan of, from Boston, e-mailed us asking if we wanted tapes printed and we were like, of course!

There was quite a gap between the last EP and this release. Can you tell us a bit about why that was?

When that EP came out we were all still living in Boston. However, shortly after, we were all spread out– one of us moved to Brooklyn, one of us to Botswana– so we took a little break for most of that year. As that year was coming to a close, we started demoing the record and talking about it a lot. As soon as we were all in one city again (this time Brooklyn instead of Boston) we finally got to work on the follow-up to that EP, which turned out to be Harm.

Where will you be touring to support the release?

We are still working out some details for the tour, and it will all be announced soon but it’s looking like it will be a little over two weeks mostly around the northeast/midwest and hopefully as far south as Virginia.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

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