Interview: WSTR

by Deanna Chapman

I recently had the chance to interview WSTR. The band has an EP coming out tomorrow via No Sleep Records titled Skrwd. You can grab a copy here and check out Sammy Clifford’s answers to our questions below.

Where are you all from and what made you decide to start a band?

Kieran Mcveigh and Danny Swift are both from Liverpool, Alex Tobijanski and myself (Sammy Clifford) are from Wrexham, and Kieren Alder is from Dorset.

I moved to Liverpool in hope of finding a new band or just more opportunity in general and Kie & Swifty had already been in bands previously round the area. I have also been in bands from Liverpool before so a mate recommended me to them and i got the message from Kieran, we all met up an jammed with some other dudes who are obviously no longer with us and here we are. Kieren Alder came to Uni in Liverpool and had jammed with Kie & Swift previously so they were keen to get him back and he promised he would make the distance work which so far he has kept to his word. Alex was a random one, I asked Ben Barlow if he knew any local musicians from Wrexham at the time so he forwarded me to his mate Alex who i knew from around back in the day and he seemed really keen which we liked and it just went from there. Pretty standard really i wish i had something cooler to tell you.

How did that progress into getting signed to No Sleep Records to release your debut EP?

We didn’t see that one coming. We released our first track “Graveyard Shift” with a video and couple of days later we heard it on radio one. We were like ‘wtf?!’ then from there labels came knocking but ‘No Sleep’ stole our hearts and we had to go with them. Never looked back.

Speaking of the EP, do you think EPs are overtaking LPs? I’ve listened to way more than usual this year it seems. Is it ideal to get new music out to fans faster rather than working around a full-length album?

I wouldn’t say overtaking. I think an album defines or is supposed to define “who you really are” I think an EP is a good stepping stone and basically a demo like you say a way of getting music out their faster to show what you’re about. I think it takes most bands a while to be ready for their first full length release but i think bands are taken more seriously when they do have an album.

What was the recording process like and is there anything you’d change about it if you could?

Just one thing. I wouldn’t have been ill and would’ve been cool if Swifty’s guitar wasn’t broken the first time round. We had to go back to Seb a second time and re record all the guitars.

Do you guys have any hobbies outside of being in a band?

We play badminton at Kieran’s house and we rip on each other. Thats about it really.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Everything is wstrband apart from Facebook which is just WSTR.