The Meaning of Serena Williams

Claudia Rankine writing for The New York Times Magazine

The word ‘‘win’’ finds its roots in both joy and grace. Serena’s grace comes because she won’t be forced into stillness; she won’t accept those racist projections onto her body without speaking back; she won’t go gently into the white light of victory. Her excellence doesn’t mask the struggle it takes to achieve each win. For black people, there is an unspoken script that demands the humble absorption of racist assaults, no matter the scale, because whites need to believe that it’s no big deal. But Serena refuses to keep to that script. Somehow, along the way, she made a decision to be excellent while still being Serena. She would feel what she feels in front of everyone, in response to anyone. 

 It’s amazing to me that someone of such stature as Serena still has to put up with this. It’s clearly something I cannot relate to, but I find it disappointing that someone who has accomplished so much has people constantly trying to bring her down. Serena has proven herself time and time again and we should all be commending her for how she handles the comments and the pressures put on her. This article does an excellent job of taking a look into Serena’s life and the excerpt above is just a taste of what it has to offer. I highly recommend giving it a read.