Review: The Painted Hands – ‘Rapscallions’

by Deanna Chapman

The Painted Hands is a band that will likely make you rethink everything you thought you knew about music in New Orleans. I frequently associate New Orleans with jazz music and a whole lot of great food that I’m missing out on. That changed when I was sent Rapscallions by The Painted Hands. It’s the bands debut, post punk album. And this definitely makes me wonder how much other music I’m missing out on from New Orleans.

Let’s return to The Painted Hands, though, and their debut album. The six piece band has four members shouting out lyrics at any given moment, yet the lyrics are catchy and the melodies are a joy to listen to. As soon as the album started, I got the vibe that these guys were born in the wrong decade. I felt that the music would have been perfect around the tail end of The Clash’s career. They have that same tone and attitude with their music. The album starts with “Pecan Pie” and the lyrics that instantly stood out were “what I like’s what I like.” It’s such a simple statement but at the same time it says so much. I was drawn in and that song seemed to be the perfect choice for the album opener. If you’re a fan of 70’s punk music and the post punk that evolved from that, chances are you’ll like these guys. I also suggest checking out the title track and “Daddy Issues.”

I love being sent music by bands I’ve never heard of for this exact reason: some of them will stick and you’ll greatly enjoy them. I’m glad this band contacted me and I hope you’ll check them out.