Review: Safety – ‘Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind’

I have listened to so many great EPs this year that it almost makes me wonder if they’ll become the new norm. It would allow bands to experiment with more styles and get music out more consistently rather than waiting for enough material for a full album. Safety’s *Congratulate Me, I’ve Lost My Mind* was no exception when it comes to great EPs. “The Shadow Over Brooklyn” kicks off the EP and instantly made me feel like I should have been playing whatever the latest Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game is. The band just has that kind of vibe – high energy and guitar heavy. Those happen to be two things I greatly enjoy in songs. You just want to jump around and sing along. The band switches it up a bit with them intro to “Ultraviolet Light.” I absolutely adore the opening to the song with its slow pace building up into what the song will become. It’s always good to see some versatility in a band, especially when the release is only five songs.

The EP is a quick hit of guitar driven, catchy songs. The lyrics were smart, catchy, and a complete joy to listen to. It’s going to be tough to pick some of my favorite EPs this year, but this one has a good chance of making the list. If you love yourself some guitars, then do yourself a favor and listen to this.