Thoughts on Fantastic Four

by Deanna Chapman

I just felt the need to get some quick thoughts down on the new Fantastic Four movie after seeing it this weekend and hearing or seeing negative reviews about it. Mind you, most of these reviews came from people who are enthralled with the comic universes, so of course they were bound to be more critical of the movie. However, I don’t think that’s the case for the majority of the people who go watch the super hero movies. And for those people I believe they’ll think the movie was fine.

I’ve become extremely invested in the Marvel Universe as of late thanks to my year-long subscription to Marvel Unlimited. While I have not read many issues involving the Fantastic Four and have not seen the first two movies (which seems to be a good thing), I do know about the team and how their powers function. The movie didn’t exactly do the characters or their powers any justice by letting the characters not have them for the majority of the movie. Do we really need to keep redoing the origin stories every time there’s a reboot? Most people won’t care how or why they got their powers, they prefer to see them use them. Do you think kids who go see this movie will understand traveling between dimensions or how any of the technology really works? Chances are they won’t. Give me a movie where they already have their powers and things could be so much better.

Speaking of their powers, they were also poorly displayed in the main fight scene of the movie. Let’s be honest, it’s not exciting watching Reed Richards shrink back down to his normal size. Nor is it thrilling to have all of the characters be disabled by dirt. Dirt. There has to be someone who could have come up with something a little more clever than that.

Let me move on to something I did like. The casting. I thought they did a pretty good job with getting some great actors involved in this movie. And I think had they given them some more time with their powers, the cast would have brought so much more in this movie. While the ending was a bit cheesy, it does imply there will be another movie. I just hope Fox can get it right next time. As I mentioned before, this movie was fine and not much more than that. After all, I still went to watch it didn’t I?