Review: Steady Hands – ‘Tropical Depression’


by Deanna Chapman

Steady Hands just released Tropical Depression via Lame-O Records. The EP is only four songs, which just might be the worst thing about it because I kept listening to it hoping more songs would magically appear. I also tend to always get a feeling that this is a band I should be listening to while sitting in an Irish pub. Seeing these guys play in Philly basements was always a treat and this EP solidified how great it is to have shows that can bring you that close to the music.

Let me get to the songs, which will essentially just be some more rambling about how great these guys are. “Tropical Depression” is the first song on the EP and by far my favorite because of brutal lyrics like “I haven’t seen you in so long // but tonight I’m gonna say so long again.” Lyrics will make or break a song for me 99% of the time and this one immediately stuck with me. On “Won’t Let You,” the piano is a nice touch to switch up the tone of the EP while keeping the excellent lyrical content.

I may be friends with some of the guys in this band, and therefore likely biased, but this is a joy to listen to and the only other thing I could ask for is…MORE SONGS PLEASE. And on that note, I hope you’ll check out this EP and enjoy it as much as I do.