Review: Whale Bones – ‘The Seaside EP’

by Deanna Chapman

Whale Bones is comprised of Nathan Kane on vocals and guitar and Paul Lierman on drums. The band hails from Bloomington, Indiana and they began playing music together just last year. Considering that last fact, it’s extremely impressive what they’ve accomplished with their debut EP, The Seaside. To go along with the title, the songs keep with the nautical theme. “The Current” gives listeners an outstanding introduction to the tone of the EP since they just let the music play for a while before having lyrics come in.

“Hiding From the Sea” is likely my favorite song on the EP (even though I loved all of them). You get a bit of a heavier tone to it, somewhat like waves crashing down. A couple of songs later, you get “Exhausted Forgiveness.” The song has a softer start and builds up as it goes along. These songs are easily ones you should listen to while staring out at the ocean, if possible. While the EP was released this summer, it felt like a great release to listen to in the fall. That is something I will likely do. Needless to say, I am beyond impressed with this EP and when it was over I was hoping there would be more to it. I’m greatly looking forward to what the band will bring next.