Interview: Post Paradise

by Deanna Chapman

We had the chance to ask Nick from Post Paradise some questions about the band’s upcoming EP, what it was like to play with Twenty One Pilots, and some other awesome stuff. Be sure to check out the interview below and check the band’s single “Ordinary” out on Soundcloud!

Let’s start off with the basics. Where are you all from and how did you meet? What made you all decide to start a band?

Nick: We’re all from different places, Florida, New England, New York and Colorado Springs originally. I moved to Fort Collins, CO and decided it would be fun to start a musical project since the town is so supportive and receptive to music and the arts. All of us met through various online means, mostly craigslist if you’d believe it! Sometimes it all just clicks and works out, I was really happy to find such like-minded musical people to play with.

I’ve heard a lot about the live music scene in Colorado, what’s your favorite part about it?

Nick: Honestly, there’s a lot to like. There’s so much talent and so many good venues, it’s a great community all around. The industry people are usually great to work with too. I’d say my favorite thing about the live music scene here is that there are always shows going on, it doesn’t matter if you’re going out on the weekend, or if you’re looking for a jam during the weeknights, you’ll find something fun. The other part of that is that lots of people come out to those shows. You can’t have a great music scene without great fans to support it. I really think that’s one thing that Colorado, especially, from my experience, Northern Colorado has going for it; an abundance of music lovers of all genres.

Has it been challenging to incorporate the cello into an indie-rock style of music?

Nick: People really seem to love our inclusion of the cello so it wasn’t hard that from perspective. Technically, it was a little bit of a process because we were amplifying a classical instrument on stage alongside loud guitars, drums and bass and hoping that it would fit properly into the mix! Amy recently switched over to a Yahama electric cello and it’s been wonderful. It makes everything much easier, eliminating feedback and strange resonance issues on stage. Every venue had a different set of challenges so having the electric really levels it all out a bit. Plus, she can use a bunch of fun effects pedals. Her pedal board is bigger than mine at this point!

What was the writing process like for the new EP coming this fall?

Nick: We actually recorded a full record’s worth of songs but decided to split it up in a couple releases. It was fun having that much material to pull from and decide what to release at what time. We spent about a year writing the songs and re-writing and demoing over and over. It was a long process but it was really rewarding. We didn’t want to just write the same kinds of songs we’d already done, we really wanted to push ourselves to grow as musicians and as a band. That meant a lot of introspection and really looking at what we do well and how we could make it even better. I think the record will speak for itself. All the choices were very deliberate. We’re extremely proud of what we were able to put together.

What made you guys choose “Ordinary” as the first single?

Nick: Speaking of ‘new’ kinds of songs for us, that one just felt like the unapologetic rock anthem we’d always wanted to write. When that song came together we felt like we’d finally moved into some new, and really fun territory. It hits hard right out of the gate so it seemed like the right move to let people hear that one first and set some big expectations.

I saw you’ve opened for Twenty One Pilots. What was that experience like and how did you guys end up on the show?

Nick: We actually got that gig through a radio contest. There’s a radio station in Denver, 93.3 KTCL that does a great job throwing opportunities to local Colorado bands. We submitted “Ordinary” to the contest and listeners took a survey and voted on their favorites.

Twenty One Pilots are awesome entertainers. It all took place at a big amphitheater and I can’t remember the last time I’d seen that many people swaying in unison. They had the crowd from start to finish.

Anything else you would like to add?

Nick: The new EP will be out in September and then we’ll be hitting the road for a little bit in the Fall. A new music video should be released very soon as well. All the fun stuff. We really hope that everyone enjoys the new material as much as we enjoyed making it!