Los Angeles Lakers Draft D’Angelo Russell

by Deanna Chapman

The NBA Draft is here and with the number two pick the Los Angeles Lakers selected D’Angelo Russell who plays at the point guard position. They passed up on Jahlil Okafor, who was expected to be in the top three. He ended up falling to number four and heading to the 76ers. Mitch Kupchak stated in a short press conference that there are several big men in free agency but that it did not play a role in their choice, they just felt he was a player who could not be passed on. Mitch Kupchak will be holding another press conference after the draft.

The Lakers need a lot of help all around on their roster, especially with the number of injuries this past year. D’Angelo Russell is a good addition to the team, especially if he develops and can possibly play with another point guard on the floor. I’m very interested in seeing how this pans out with the amount of point guards the Lakers already have on their team in Lin, Clarkson, and Price. I still believe the Lakers need a solid big man down in the post and hopefully they can find that player in free agency.