Interview: Sad Robot

by Deanna Chapman

We had the chance to interview Sad Robot about their latest release. Check out the interview below along with a stream of their song, “Fear Me,“ at the end of the interview.

When did the band first start and how did the two of you meet?
(SR): Well, the roots of Sad Robot can be traced back to 2011 but the Sad Robot that has you are hearing with this new album, really started in 2013 when we were a three-piece band. As we continued to explore our identity and evolve sound, there was a amicable split between us (Kat & Nick) and our drummer, who we still love and cherish. That is when we decided to continue as a two-piece from here on out.

Were either of you trained in music prior to the band?
(Kat): Yes we both were actually. I studied at an art school in New Haven and grew up studying musical theater and classical piano.

(Nick): I have a Bachelor degree in guitar playing but started out playing in hardcore/punk bands.

How was it playing at SXSW? Is it as crazy as it’s portrayed in the media?
(SR): It Is as crazy as they say it is. There is music coming from all directions. You can’t walk 15 minutes without running into someone you know. It’s so loud but there are so many great bands so you dont really mind. This year was especially crazy. We drove 20+ hours to play. It was raining that week. We recorded some of the sound of the rain as we were driving and used it in the intro to the song "My lament Pt2.” from our new album. It felt like an important moment and we wanted to document it.

Aprés Moi Le Déluge is quite the album title. What does it mean and how did you come up with it?
(SR): Après moi Le Déluge means After Me, The Flood, spoken by Louis XV. There are two interpretations of the meaning.

One version meaning “after me comes the flood,” which is like saying “After I die, destruction will fall upon you,” like a plague or some shit.

The other meaning is “I don’t care what happens after I’m gone”.  

To us, it is the first one where the message is powerful, bold and truly captivates the essence of this record.  It’s a little dark but that’s the point. It is also Kat’ tattoo on her forearm.

What was the writing and recording processes like for this album?
On this album we really focused on the details. We wrote, and rewrote, the music, lyrics, concepts, ideas over and over again. We refused to settle for anything less than our best. This went on for over a year. We always believed we could do better until one day we felt like we had something that we were truly proud of. It’s the most honest music we’ve ever made and we’ve never worked so hard for anything in our lives. Nick produced this record. Kat created a concept for “Aprés Moi Le Déluge,” which is pure honesty and heartbreak. We always supported each others visions on this record.

Being a band based in LA, do you find it difficult to stand out in a city so crowded with music?
In some ways yes because there are so many great bands it’s hard to not be influenced by them. We try not to worry about it that much though because the competitive attiutude that some bands in LA towards each other is counter productive to the Los Angeles music scene. We think there is room for everyone and the really great bands will get noticed  

Other than the new release, what can fans expect from you in the near future? A tour?
Yes! We are finalizing a tour now. We will have vinyl records within the next few months. The most exciting thing to expect from us though is our short film “Aprés Moi Le Déluge” directed by Kat and tells the story of our record. 

Where can we find you guys on social media?
Sad Robot (@MySadRobot) | Twitter

Anything you’d like to add?
Kat’s piece on the Battered.