Review: Sorority Noise – ‘Joy, Departed’

by Deanna Chapman

Sorority Noise just released Joy, Departed as their follow up to their debut LP, Forgettable. The album is ten tracks long and doesn’t exactly consist of your typical pop-punk tracks. “Blissth” starts the album with a slower jam that doesn’t start to build up until under a minute is left. Two tracks come in at over five minutes long and I believe they gave the album a nice balance. There isn’t a single song I didn’t like on this album. I gave it several listens, let it sit for a little while, and then listened again and still loved it.

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish pop-punk bands from one another. That isn’t the case with Sorority Noise. I’ve really gotten into the lyrics on this album because they’re just so intimate and you can hear that in the music and the singer’s voice. When it comes to music, I am absolutely a lyrics person and “Using” surpassed my expectations I had. It’s one of those songs that could easily save some people along the way just because of the message it sends. There’s no need to explain what that message is, you should simply just go listen to that song. And if you don’t listen to more than one song from the album, or if pop-punk isn’t your thing, I still urge you to let that one song you try be “Using.” That song alone immediately put this album in contention for Top 5 albums of the year.

Aside from “Using,” the rest of the album is still filled with great lyrics, great musicianship, and is overall just a damn good album. I honestly don’t think I’ve even done this album justice with this review, so I’ll just end it with this: the album is a must-listen and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.