Interview: Madus

by Deanna Chapman

I recently attended Madus’ EP release show over at The Viper Room and had a chance to ask the band some questions. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you should definitely check them out. Here’s the interview:

When did you guys first meet and how did you start the band?

Sam and I met on a site called “BandMix” and the running joke of it is that it’s like E-Harmony for musicians. Later, we met Kirby in rehearsals for this artist Justin Chase. We were all hired to be his backing band for a showcase, and in between playing his singer songwriter tunes we had some really fun jams during soundcheck. We knew we wanted him in the band, and we were stoked to find the feelings were mutual. It took us a while to cycle through enough Bass players, but after we auditioned Lenny through a craigslist ad, we knew he was perfect. And it’s been magic ever since.

What made you change the band name from tangent transmission to Madus?

The name just really wore out it’s welcome. It carried a vibe of being overly pretentious and it was always such a pain trying to tell someone in a loud bar. Try saying Tangent Transmission 5 times fast… LAME. Aside from the pretense the name carried for us, we just felt like SUCH a different band when we decided to change it. Aside from all that, we really like that Madus carries seemingly zero pretense other than the impression the combination of letters leave on someone aesthetically.

This is your first release under the new name. What’s that been like?

Yeah! It’s been really awesome. It was cool to release a bunch of singles in 2014, but you don’t really get the same affect as releasing a body of work. It leaves more of an impression and sets more of a vibe. We’re also happy that the singles and the EP work real well together in a set. Everyone has been super supportive, and the EP is getting received well from all the outlets it’s hitting. To quote Joe Walsh: Life’s been good to us this far.

Are there any plans to play more shows in support of the EP? And if so where will you be heading?

Yes! Obviously you got to see the big one at the Viper Room, but we’ve got 2 acoustic shows in July, and a couple Arizona gigs in August. One of the acoustic gigs is in Portland at a place called The Waypost with an awesome group called Wooden Sleepers. The other gig is in San Diego at a place called Tower Bar opening for the homies in Fairy Bones. If you haven’t heard of them, do your imagination a favor and check them out. Even if you don’t, they’re making enough moves to probably find you soon! We’re trying to lay low in the summer to focus on writing and planning our next 18 months out, but there’s some other really cool stuff booked in the fall. A really cool thing worth mentioning is our spot opening for The Winery Dogs on November 6th at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles. I get pretty nervous/excited just thinking about it.

Have you already made plans for a LP or are you just focusing on this for now?

We’ve got about 20 different sketches of songs waiting to be worked on. They keep popping up in soundchecks, rehearsals, and daydreams of ours. We really want our next release to be a Long Play album. If we keep up the pace with our Music Business Game of Thrones, I think we can pull it off. We’ve just got to take a couple moves from the Petyr Baelish playbook ;]

Any fun stories you have from making the EP?

Ah man… Fun stories… For the weird guitar sound you hear at the beginning of You Could Never Feel, our engineer came up with the idea to take a paper towel roll and sheath a mic with it; And THEN do this crazy half-speed/sped up distortion thing. It was great watching Keith get all amped up to do it and having no idea what the finished effect would be. We could probably write a slim book on all the cooky fun stuff like that we did with Keith. The whole making of that EP was fun. There’s some great guys worth mentioning on our group-vocals in All the Way and You Could Never Feel as well. We were lucky enough to get Robyn Reinstadler from Rival Tides and Vincent Coleman of… well… Vincent Coleman. We also somehow managed to get Caitlin Notey from Huxlee to sing on the choruses of All the Way. That’s why they sounds so sexy!