Watching The NBA Finals As A Lakers Fan

by Deanna Chapman

Everyone who follows the NBA even in the slightest is well aware of how the Lakers season went. In short, it was terrible. Some fans of teams that didn’t make the playoffs elect to not watch them. I, however, have done just the opposite as a Lakers fan. It’s been refreshing to watch basketball games where I don’t necessarily have to worry about who wins or loses. Sure, I would pick favorites, but it wasn’t a huge deal if the teams I picked ultimately won the series. That said, I’m picking the Warriors to win the NBA Finals.

Steph Curry and LeBron James are two of the top five players in the league right now. To see these guys go head to head is something every true basketball fan should want to watch. Steph is the MVP and LeBron is a monster of an athlete. Why wouldn’t you want to watch these two compete? It seems as though anyone who goes against LeBron is almost automatically the underdog. Curry, however, has had a phenomenal season and many are picking the Warriors to win the Finals. Grantland writer, Zach Lowe, picked the Warriors to win in 6.1 He emphasizes that Cleveland is a bit banged up and points out that Golden State has been the better team all season. LeBron likely can’t single-handedly beat Golden State and the Cavs don’t have nearly as deep of a bench. But simply because LeBron is on the opposing team, it will be a good series to watch. If it were anyone else, Golden State might have cruised right on through the Finals.

Thankfully, I can watch this series play out without any stress since my team isn’t even in it. For once, I may be happy about that fact. It’s easier to see this series from an objective standpoint since I’m not emotionally invested in either team. As a basketball fan, I’m hoping this goes to six games just so we can get some more entertainment out of it. This series has a chance to be great, but let’s face it, was any series better than the Clippers and Spurs battle in round one? That may end up being the best series of the 2015 playoffs and in the history of the first round. Game 1 is on as I write this and I’ve greatly enjoyed the game despite being a Lakers fan. Even if your team isn’t in it, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. I hope basketball fans all around enjoy this series as much as I have already.

  1. As stated in his recent Grantland post, Seven Questions That Will Shape the NBA Finals.