Relay FM Announces Two New Shows

by Deanna Chapman

Relay FM announced two new shows on the network. Reconcilable Differences and Cortex just had their first episodes released this week. Relay quickly became my favorite podcast network when it first launched and I listen to almost every show on the network. I highly recommend checking out the new episodes. Here are short summaries on what they are about:

Reconcilable Differences:

First up we have Reconcilable Differences, featuring Merlin Mann and John Siracusa. We are thrilled to welcome these two podcasting powerhouses to Relay FM, and we are so happy with how this show is shaping up. On each episode of Reconcilable Differences, you’ll get to hear John and Merlin prod at each other’s backgrounds as fans of technology and pop culture, filling in holes, arguing minor differences, and generally teaching each other about the things they both love.


Now we come on to Cortex, featuring CGP Grey, in conversation with Myke Hurley. Over time, Myke has become increasingly fascinated by the methods Grey uses to get his work done, and this show will be exploring how he remains productive, while producing Youtube videos that are seen by millions of people.

Adding John Siracusa, Merlin Mann, and CGP Grey is huge for the network and I’m looking forward to the 10 guaranteed episodes for each show.

Relay FM Announces Two New Shows