Making Of: Simpler Sound


by Deanna Chapman

Next up on Making Of is Simpler Sound, a music podcast hosted by Zack Zarrillo and Evan Lucy. If you’re a fan of the alternative music scene, this is definitely a podcast you should be listening to. Check out Zack’s responses below on how the podcast got started, future plans, and more.

Can you give us a quick overview of what Simpler Sound is for those who may not know?
Simpler Sound is a weekly podcast that focusses on commentary and critique on music in the underground community.

You both had previously started separate podcasts, so what made you decide to do one together?
I was looking to start a second podcast with the relaunch of PropertyOfZack in January. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to talk about and who I wanted to talk with, but it was obvious once Evan popped into my head. My other podcast, Off The Record, focusses much more on the music industry – but I still wanted to talk about weekly music news.

How did you decide what it would be about and how you would execute it?
Like I said above, I wanted to talk about music news with a smart friend. Part of the relaunch of POZ means that we post less frequently, but that doesn’t mean I think about it any less. Simpler Sound is a good way for me to get those thoughts off my mind.

So far, it’s just been the two of you talking to each other about current news. Are there plans to have guests on the show in the future?
We haven’t talked about guests, actually. Maybe we should.

What’s your process like for recording and editing the podcast?
Evan and I typically record on Sunday afternoons or evenings, and Evan then edits the podcast pretty shortly after for Monday posting. We store show notes in a Google Doc. I typically write down or save news stories throughout the prior week that I think would be good to talk about.

What software and hardware do you guys use to record?
To speak, we use Skype. I use Audio Hijack Pro to record, and Evan uses Call Recorder for Skype.

I noticed the latest episode (15 at the time of typing this) wasn’t released on it’s regular day. Will you guys continue to switch the day if you know some big news, such as the Brand New song, will be announced?
We try to stick to a weekly schedule of Monday postings. Repitition is important to me. Sometimes, however, our schedules get a little wonky. We missed our first episode the other week, and that was upsetting and frustrating to me. I like our listeneners to know that they get a new episode every Monday.

Do you guys have any ideas on what should change or improve on the podcast in the future even though it’s still relatively a new show?
I think it’s just a matter of Evan and I getting more into a rythym with each other and continuing to be aware of what does and what does not work. I felt like I didn’t get a real grove with Jesse until six or seven months into Off The Record, and I’m feeling similar things with Evan five months in.

What is the best way to take part in the discussion you guys have on the show?
You can tweet us @zzarrillo and @evanlucy or tweet #askSS with a question or comment.