Album Review: Plainview – I’ve Seen This Before EP

by Deanna Chapman

Plainview is a five piece band from Philadelphia. Think acoustic punk with a somewhat folk vibe… and a trombone. You might say the lyrics and subject matter are cheesy, and I can admit that at times they are, but the band is still extremely enjoyable to listen to. And let me just throw in a disclaimer right now. I’m friends with the wonderful people in this band, so yes I’m likely biased. But I enjoy the music and that’s all that really matters anyway, right?

Anyway, on to the review. Their new EP, I’ve Seen This Before, consists of four songs and I can’t help but wonder when and if the band will do a full length because through a couple of EPs, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard and I want so much more of it. “Ten Feet Tall” is a great song to sing along to and has a great one-take video to go with it. It was a great choice to put emphasis on this song and push it out to the media. It’s also the shortest song on the EP but packs a punch. The band knows when to make some short, memorable songs and when to make songs a bit longer and slow down the pace a tad. This makes for a good mix in the EP despite there being just four songs. If you’re a person who really enjoys listening to guitar parts, then “Bombardment” would be the song for you. Overall, the EP is short, enjoyable, and something you may find yourself playing on repeat without even realizing it because it’s just that good. I look forward to what comes next from these guys (and lady). Go check the EP out on their Bandcamp page and support if you enjoy it as much as I do.