Album Review: The Early November – ‘Imbue’

by Deanna Chapman

The Early November is one of those bands that just makes it difficult to not like everything they put out. Out of everything I’ve listened to, I’ve yet to find and album or song I even somewhat dislike. I’ll admit, I haven’t given everything of theirs a ton of spins, but it’s still an impressive body of work. Imbue is no exception to that. “Narrow Stairs” is a killer opening song that flows right into “Better That Way,” which makes you instantly want to yell along. Hands down, this album is a great contender for album of the year.

I’d be impressed if anyone could find a guitar riff in this album that they didn’t enjoy. Regrettably, I didn’t get into this band in the beginning, but they’ve become a must-listen band for anything and everything they put out. Seeing the band get on Billboard for their song “Narrow Mouth” was fantastic. It’s coverage that’s well deserved. People are more accustomed to seeing names like Rihanna or Kanye West posted about on Billboard, that even I was a bit surprised to find the single there.

With the gut-wrenching lyrics, great guitar riffs, and Ace Enders just being a genius in general, this album was thoroughly pleasant to listen the whole way through. “Nothing Lasts Forever” closes out the album with a song title so relatable, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person who hasn’t felt that way. Bottom line, this is one hell of an album and an absolute must-listen of the year.