Single Review: Estates – “Not Now”

by Deanna Chapman

“Not Now” is one of the singles from Estates It’s Great To Be Alone. The band is a three piece indie rock act from Milwaukee. And it’s extremely safe to say that they know how to rock. “Not Now” has some sick guitar tones and with the runtime at just 2:15, I was left wanting to hear more of it. The song starts off with a nice, slower pace and gets louder at various parts of the song. Personally, I enjoyed the slower pace where the vocals were clearer. However, the yelling will also be enjoyable to those of you who are into this kind of music. because the dynamic change keeps you on your toes.

My first impression of not only this song, but this band, was a good one. You instantly get a 90’s rock vibe that seems to be making a reappearance as of late. One of the best parts of the song was “I think it’s fucked up I had to explain myself from the start.” It’s just one of those lyrics that really hits you and makes you think about it. I love songs that do that and I look forward to digging deeper into this band’s music. Be sure to check out the exclusive stream of “Not Now” over at Substream. The album will be out May 26th via Flannel Gurl Records.